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102-8 First-Year Writing Seminar - American History

103-8 First-Year Writing Seminar - Non-Western History

200-0 New Introductory Courses in History

203-1 Jewish History 750-1492

212-2 Introduction to African American History: Emancipation to Civil Rights Movement

250-1 Global History: Early Modern to Modern Transition

253-0 A Global History of Prisons and Camps

260-2 History of Modern Latin America

281-0 Chinese Civilization

286-0 World War II in Asia

292-0 Introduction to Topics in History

300-0 New Lectures in History

305-0 American Immigration

319-0 US Foreign Relations

327-0 Histories of Violence in the United States

337-0 History of Modern Europe

349-0 The History of the Holocaust

352-0 A Global History of Death and Dying

370-0 Music and Nation in Latin America

379-0 Biomedicine and World History

393-0 Approaches to History

395-0 Research Seminar

398-2 Thesis Seminar

405-0 Seminar in Historical Analysis

410-2 General Field Seminar in American History

430-3 Field Seminar in Modern European History

450-1 General Field Seminar in African History

481-0 Western Literature of Chinese History

490-0 Independent Reading

491-0 TA Assistantship

492-0 Topics in History

570-1 Research Seminar in History

580-2 Directed Research in History

585-0 Dissertation Topics