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101-6 First-Year Seminar

110-0 Introduction to Sociology

208-0 Race and Society

211-0 Food and Society: An Introduction

220-0 Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and Society

227-0 Legal Studies Research Methods

235-0 Critical Thought on Race and Ethnicity

276-0 Introductory Topics in Sociology

302-0 Sociology of Organizations

309-0 Political Sociology

314-0 Sociology of Religion

316-0 Economic Sociology

317-0 Global Development

376-0 Topics in Sociological Analysis

401-2 Statistical Analysis of Social Data: Applied Regression Methods II

403-0 Field Methods

410-0 Race, Racism, and Resistance

476-0 Topics in Sociological Analysis

519-0 Responsible Conduct of Research Training

570-0 Seminar on College Teaching

576-0 Topics in Sociological Analysis