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101-3 Elementary Spanish

115-2 Accelerated Elementary Spanish

121-3 Intermediate Spanish

200-0 Language in Context: Latinx, Language and Culture

201-0 Advanced Spanish I: Current Topics through Media

204-0 Advanced Spanish II: Artivism in Times of Political Change

205-0 Spanish for Professions: Health Care

210-0 Icons, Legends, & Myths in Latin American, Latino and/or Iberian Cultures

223-0 Cervantes (Taught in English)

250-0 Literature in Spain before 1700

251-0 Literature in Spain since 1700

261-0 Literature in Latin America since 1888

277-0 Introduction to Latina/o Literature

302-0 Advanced Grammar

340-0 Colonial Latin American Literature

343-0 Latin American Avant-Gardes

346-0 Testimonial Narrative in Latin America

364-0 Cultural Borders/Border Cultures

395-0 Topics in Latin American, Latina and Latino, and/or Iberian Cultures

397-0 Topics in Latin American, Latina and Latino, and Iberian Literatures and Cultures