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First-Year Writing Seminar (105-8-04)


What will it take to reach carbon-neutrality by 20


Edward Hartley Sargent

Meeting Info

Technological Institute LG62: Tues, Thurs 2:00PM - 3:20PM

Overview of class

Rapid action to reduce energy-related emissions will be required to limit the scale - and the impact on human society - of global warming.
Using readings made available in Canvas, we will learn about, discuss, and write and present on topics such as:

  • What are the major sources of emissions contributing to anthropogenic global warming?

  • To what extent can the behavior of individuals, and of large emitters (e.g. industry), reduce such emissions - and how can policy, education/information, and technology, each impact such behavior?

  • What technologies - examples include electric vehicles, large-scale energy storage, advances in solar wind hydroelectric and nuclear, and the production of green hydrogen - are coming online today and in the coming decade, and how fast can they scale?

  • What further solutions - such as for CO2 capture, sequestration, and/or utilization - will we require to reach net zero, and what scientific/R&D questions will we have to tackle to enable these solutions?

Ultimately, we will discuss and debate how various actors - governments, NGOs, corporations, and individuals - can work together to act on this global problem. We will look at the ingredients that will make up a solution, mapping these elements onto traditional academic fields - spanning the social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences and engineering - and exploring what it will take to embark upon a concerted approach together.

Class Materials (Required)

Course materials will be provided in Canvas

Class Materials (Suggested)


Class Attributes

WCAS Writing Seminar