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Advanced Organic Synthesis - Concepts and Applications (319-0-01)


Regan James Thomson

Meeting Info

Technological Institute LG52: Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00AM - 10:50AM

Overview of class

The design of synthetic routes to natural products and other medicinally relevant organic compounds will be covered in detail. Retrosynthetic analysis, substructure keying, and pattern recognition, along with other methods for synthetic planning will be discussed within the context of specific case studies. Classic and modern organic reactions, including asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, will be introduced and their application in synthetic planning examined. Case studies will include the synthesis of terpenes, alkaloids, polyketides, steroids, proteins and pharmaceuticals. The end result should be that students are familiar with the important issues associated with synthesis and gain intimate knowledge of a wide variety of chemical reactions. Ultimately, when presented with a given molecule, students should be able to develop a reasonable synthesis plan based on firm ideas and reliable transformations.

Registration Requirements

Prerequisites: CHEM 215-3 or CHEM 212-3 (C- or better).

Class Materials (Required)

Title: Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis, 1st Edition
Authors: Laszlo Kurti and Barbara Czako
Publisher: Academic Press, 2005
ISBN: 9780124297852
Approx. price: $115 new, $50 rental

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Registration in this class is restricted to undergraduate Chemistry Majors. Other students may contact the department to request to be placed on a waitlist.