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Physical Organic Chemistry (410-0-01)


Michael R Wasielewski

Meeting Info

Technological Institute LG52: Tues, Thurs 9:30AM - 10:50AM

Overview of class

This course will focus on modern topics in physical organic chemistry, while emphasizing the relationship between structure and reactivity. Topics to be covered are molecular orbital theory, orbital symmetry and reactivity, stereoelectronic effects, transition state theory, electron transfer, free energy relationships, nucleophilic and electrophilic reactivity, kinetic isotope effects, and basic photochemistry.

Registration Requirements

Registration in this class is restricted to graduate students in the Chemistry Department and Chemistry undergraduate majors. Other students may register with department permission.

Class Materials (Required)

1. Title: Modern Physical Organic Chemistry (latest edition)
Author: Anslyn and Dougherty
Publisher: Univ. Science Books
ISBN: 9781891389313
Approx. Price: $160 new, $75 rental or ebook

2. Title: Modern Physical Organic Chemistry - Student Solutions Manual (latest edition)
Author: Sponsler
Publisher: Univ. Science Books
ISBN: 9781891389368
Approx. Price: $65 new, $28 rental

Class Materials (Suggested)