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Capstone: Embedded Reporting - Field Research Reporting (416-0-20)


Abigail M Foerstner

Meeting Info

303 E. Wacker Dr. 1620: Thurs 1:00PM - 4:50PM

Overview of class

Medill's embedded program offers graduate students the opportunity to report from the field for three to five weeks. Through this immersive reporting and service-learning program, we produce several multimedia stories about the field research and our experiences. These stories are published on Medill's website and pitched to major media. They are also available for hosting sites to reprint.

Medill's embedded reporting program has partnered with NOAA and NASA storm chasers on the Great Plains, robotics designers, innovators bringing crops to drought-ridden areas of India, marine biologists searching for ocean lifeforms with medicinal applications, scientists tracking the retreat of the glaciers, and geologists diving into Yucatan caves in search of clues to rapid climate changes. Past stories have been published with National Geographic, Discover magazine, the Huffington Post, The New Scientist, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and many other media partners.

Required embedded reporting preparatory seminars required in the newsroom before students leave.

One-on-one-editing throughout story production after students return.

Class Materials (Required)

No general required course material - Research, data and other course materials are unique to each site.

Class Notes

Class will also be held on Tuesday, January 16th

Class Attributes

Attendance at 1st class mandatory