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Health and Science Reporting (383-0-20)


Patti Lynne Wolter

Meeting Info

Fisk Hall 206: Wed 9:00AM - 11:50AM

Overview of class

In this combination writing workshop and seminar, students will read some of the best science and health journalism; meet with expert scientists on campus; and meet the editors and writers from leading scientific journals and publications. Students will learn what makes good science writing, how to find sources, how to evaluate information and how to sort out science from pseudo-science. Students will practice translating research journal articles into consumer news articles and pursue longer, more developed science storytelling.

Registration Requirements

Pre-reqs: Sophomore standing

Class Materials (Required)


Class Attributes

Attendance at 1st class mandatory
No Freshmen

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Pre-req: JOUR 201-1, 201-2, and Medill sophomore, Junior, or Senior Standing.