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101-7 College Seminar

125-1 General Physics ISP

126-1 Physics Laboratory for ISP

130-1 College Physics

130-SG-1 Peer-Guided Study Group: College Physics 1

135-1 General Physics

135-2 General Physics

135-SG-1 Peer-Guided Study Group: General Physics 1

135-SG-2 Peer-Guided Study Group: General Physics 2

136-1 General Physics Laboratory

136-2 General Physics Laboratory

140-1 Fundamentals of Physics

311-1 Mathematical Tools for the Physical Sciences

330-1 Classical Mech

333-2 Advanced Electricity & Magnetism

357-0 Optics Laboratory

398-0 Independent Thesis Research

410-0 Advancing Equity to Overcome the Exclusive Social Constructs in STEM

411-0 Classical Mechanics

411-1 Methods of Theoretical Physics

412-1 Quantum Mech

422-1 Condensed-Matter Physics

428-1 Quantum Field Theory

441-0 Statistical Methods for Physicists and Astronomers

465-0 Advanced Topics in Nonlinear Dynamics

470-0 Introduction to Biological Physics: From Molecules to Cells (IBiS 410)

480-0 Advanced Topics in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics