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Economic Geography (240-0-20)


John Crandall Hudson
Locy Hall #104
John C. Hudson is Professor of Geography and Director of the Program in Geography at Northwestern University. He offers courses in economic geography, biogeography, cartography, and regional studies.

Meeting Info

555 Clark B03: Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00AM - 10:50AM

Overview of class

Economic geography is a survey of the World's economic activities, including their inputs, the products they turn out, and the trade between nations in these products. Following a survey of current population trends, the subject matter focuses on primary industries (fishing, forests and forest products, agriculture), energy (coal, oil, gas, renewables), minerals (iron, copper, aluminum). The focus then shifts to industrial production (steel industry, general manufacturing industries), and modern distribution industries. In-depth case studies include the textile and garment industries and the automobile industry. Special emphasis on foreign direct investment and trans-national corporations.

Registration Requirements

Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area.
Open to all Northwestern students.

Learning Objectives

To acquire an understanding of the world-wide distribution of economic activities: What is produced, using what resources? Where is it produced? How is it traded between nations?
To learn how to access and use the major websites offering information on population, energy, economic production, and trade.

Teaching Method

Weekly homework assignments involving analyzing and interpreting data from online sources will be done on Canvas. Readings and homework posted weekly. Homework will be due one week after it is posted.

Evaluation Method

homework, midterms, finals

Class Materials (Required)

Readings for each topic will be posted on Canvas. No textbook to purchase.

Class Attributes

Social and Behavioral Science Foundational Discipl
Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area