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Special Topics in Global Health (390-0-29)


Global Circulations & Human Health: Migrations & T


Sokhieng Au

Meeting Info

Harris Hall L04: Mon, Wed, Fri 11:00AM - 11:50AM

Overview of class

Human beings and human parts/products are on the move across the globe, shaped by inequities that drive poor health outcomes for many involved in these circulations. More human beings are being forced from their homes than ever before in history; more and more are being turned away as they seek resettlement. Global economic migration is poorly regulated and rife with exploitation. The flow of human organs for transplantation increasingly moves from the poor in the Global South to the rich in the Global North. Even the production of human babies through international surrogacy is driven by economic inequities. This course examines the role of advocacy, law, politics and ethics to preserve dignity and health as human beings and human parts increasingly circulate across global boundaries.

Class Materials (Required)

All course materials will be available on Canvas.

Class Attributes

No Freshmen