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Environmental Justice (338-0-1)


Elham Hoominfar

Meeting Info

Parkes Hall 212: Tues, Thurs 2:00PM - 3:20PM

Overview of class

This course examines how environmental problems reflect and exacerbate social inequality. In this course, we learn the definition of environmental (in)justice; the history of environmental justice; and also examples of environmental justice will be discussed. We will learn about environmental movements. This course has a critical perspective on health disparities in national and international levels. How environmental injustice impacts certain groups more than others and the social and political economic reasons for these injustices will be discussed in this course. This is a discussion-intensive course for advanced undergrad students. The classes are student-centered with an emphasis on collaborative learning. The class meetings will consist of lectures, discussions, presentations, teamwork, activities, video/audio materials and projects.

Class Materials (Required)

Sze, J. (2020). Environmental justice in a moment of danger. University of California Press. Pellow, D. N. (2004). Garbage wars: The struggle for environmental justice in Chicago. MIT Press. Additional required readings and materials will be available on Canvas

Class Attributes

Social and Behavioral Science Foundational Discipl
Global Perspectives on Power, Justice, and Equity
Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area
No Freshmen