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Critical Topics in Ecology and Conservation (451-0-1)


Jeremie B Fant
Hogan Hall, Room 6-140B
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 10-4

Rebecca Samantha Barak

Meeting Info

Technological Institute L150: Tues, Thurs 11:00AM - 12:20PM

Overview of class

PBC 451-1 - Critical Topics in Ecology and Conservation

Overview of Class
This course will include reading and writing about conservation issues for both
scientific and general audiences, as well as discussions around primary literature and popular media around
conservation. Class activities will include small and large group discussions, and other opportunities for active
learning, as well as lectures from the course instructors and guest lectures from experts in the different conservation
The objectives of the course are for you to:
1. Explore critical conservation issues of today.
2. Understand ecological principles related to these conservation issues.
3. Explore social impacts of these conservation issues.
4. Critically read, evaluate, and discuss scientific literature and popular media related to conservation.
5. Become comfortable presenting and discussing papers.
6. Communicate about a conservation issue through scientific writing and popular media.

Registration Requirements

Pre-requisites may be one of the following: BIOL SCI 215-0, ENV SCI 202-0, BIOL_SCI 203-0, or BIOL_SCI 341, or BIOL_SCI 342-0, or ENVR_SCI 202-0 or consent of the instructor

Learning Objectives

This course will provide students with an understanding of major conservation issues of today, and ecological
concepts related to these issues.

Teaching Method

Daily lecture by instructor, followed by discussion of primary literature led by the student.

The course includes synchronous and asynchronous meeting times.

Evaluation Method

Participation (20% of final grade)
Perspectives paper on a topic of your choice (35% of final grade, total)
Peer review (10% of final grade)
Popular media piece on conservation issues (35% of final grade, total)

Class Materials (Required)

Primary literature and review articles, as well as popular media as assigned (provided on Canvas)

Class Materials (Suggested)

Optional Book on Scientific Writing-
Hofmann, A. 2019. Scientific Writing & Communication: Papers, Proposals
& Presentations. 4th Ed.

Optional Textbook-
Sodhi and Ehrlich. 2010. Conservation Biology for All. Textbook (free pdf)