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Design of Sustainable Urban Developments (387-0-1)


Neil J Reindel

Meeting Info

Technological Institute L441: Mon, Wed 4:00PM - 5:50PM

Overview of class

The goal of this course is to design high performing neighborhoods, districts and communities that incorporate principles of density, diversity and flexibility around the "operating system of nature." Infrastructure is decentralized and integrated with natural ecosystems. Energy is harvested from renewable sources and transmitted along smart grids. The processes that support sustainable urban districts are linked and managed through a "cen­tral nervous" or information system, which optimizes resource recovery and maximizes profitability through integration, monitoring, communication and accurate pricing. Sustainable urban development is place-based, reflecting regional conditions and local culture. Sustainable urban districts are walkable and bikeable, diminishing the need for private automobiles, and they are ecologi­cally regenerative, economically vibrant and socially equitable.

Registration Requirements

Instructor Permission Required
CIV-ENV 386 Required
CIV-ENV 385, 1, 2 & 3 recommended

Class Materials (Required)

Drawing Materials:
- Sign Pen Package
- Engineer Scale
- Tracking paper (roll)

Class Materials (Suggested)

- Drafting dots
- Tracing Paper (14x17 pad)
-Highlighter pack

Class Attributes

SDG Sustnble Cities&Commnities
SDG Innovation & Infrastructure