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431 Business Strategy (Law)

432 Business Analytics

510 Contracts

601S Business Associations

620 Securities Regulation

629 Employment Law

631 Entrepreneurship Law

633R Private Equity

633U Venture Capital and Early Stage Financing

633Z Structuring Transactions: Financial Institutions

634 The Derivatives Markets and Legal Practice

638 Mergers and Acquisitions

646B International Project Finance

649 Accounting for Decision-Making (Law)

650 Antitrust Law

660 Commercial Law: Secured Transactions

664 The Evolving Role of the Law Department in the Modern Corporation and Legal Industry

665B Bankruptcy

667 Corporate Restructuring: Bankruptcy Reorganizations

670P Practicum: Corporate Counsel

680 Mutual Fund Regulation

690 Basic Federal Income Taxation

701C Contracts (LLM)

711 Law, Finance, and Institutions

715 Investment Banking and Private Equity

723 Corporate Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)

735 Financial and Emerging Tech

740 Business Integrity, Values and Compliance

901-0 Business Formation & Structure

905-0 Business Strategy & Frameworks

906-0 Contract Law

907-0 Federal Income Taxation

908-0 Business & Corporate Strategy in Action

917-0 Introduction to Securities Regulation

922-0 Presentation Design & Visual Storytelling

935-0 Entrepreneurship Lab: Part I

950-0 Digital Evidence & Data Governance in the Litigation Process

962-0 Advanced Contracts: Practical Aspects

965-0 Entrepreneurship Law