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American Political Behavior Graduate Workshop (483-0-20)


James N Druckman
Office Hours:

Meeting Info

Scott Hall 107 Burdick Room: Mon 2:00PM - 3:20PM

Overview of class

This workshop will meet typically on a bi-weekly basis through the year (for two hours a meeting). The purpose is for graduate students working in political behavior to get regular feedback at all stages of the research process. Each meeting will entail three students distributing a document at least two days prior to the meeting. All participants are expected to read the documents in advance of the meeting. Then at the meeting, feedback will be given (from all participants). Students are encouraged to seek feedback on the same project at many stages. The group also will encourage joint projects, host visiting speakers (resources permitted), and discuss professionalization issues.

Registration Requirements

This workshop is restricted to Ph.D. students in political science at Northwestern.

Evaluation Method

Participation in the lab including presentations.

Class Materials (Required)