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Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience (206-0-21)


Justin Emmanuel Brown

Meeting Info

Technological Institute M345: Mon, Wed, Fri 1:00PM - 1:50PM

Overview of class

NEUROSCI 206 introduces broad topics in neuroscience with an emphasis on structure and function of the mammalian central nervous system. In the first section of class you will learn how specific neural circuits contribute to the perception of touch, taste, smell, and hearing. In the second section of class, you will learn about how specific neural circuits contribute to vision and movement. In the final section of class, you will learn how specific neural circuits contribute to diverse cognitive processes including emotion, attention, memory, and speech. As new topics are introduced, you will learn about related research.

Registration Requirements

Prerequisite: NEUROSCI 202-0 or NEUROSCI 311-0 or BIOL_SCI 302-0.

Learning Objectives

By completing this course, you will learn
Neuroscience vocabulary
The basic organization of the central nervous system and its component systems
Methods used to study the nervous system and their strengths and limitations
Historical perspectives and recent developments in neuroscience research
This core knowledge will provide a foundation for advanced coursework that delves more deeply into specific topics in neuroscience.

Teaching Method

Lectures; discussion of research articles.

Evaluation Method

Two midterm exams, final exam.

Class Materials (Required)

Neuroscience, 6th Edition by Dale Purves et al.
ISBN -13: 978-1605353807, ISBN-10:1605353809 cost new $135.95

Computer and Internet access. To review lectures, submit assignments, and complete exams you will need regular access to Canvas and regular access to a computer that can download and display audio, video, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

Class Materials (Suggested)


Class Notes

Prerequisite: Students must have completed NEUROSCI 202-0 or NEUROSCI 311-0 or BIOL_SCI 302-0 to register for this course.

Open to any student who meets the prerequisites beginning on February 27, 2023.

Class Attributes

Natural Sciences Distro Area

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Student must have completed NEUROSCI 202-0, or NEUROSCI 311-0, or BIOL_SCI 302-0.