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Japanese I (111-3-21)


Junko Sato
1880 Campus Drive, Kresge Hall, Office 4-347
Office Hours: Varies quarter to quarter, please check with instructor.

Meeting Info

Annenberg Hall G31: Mon, Wed, Fri 11:00AM - 11:50AM
Kresge Centennial Hall 2-425: Tues 11:00AM - 11:50AM

Overview of class

Japanese I (JAPANESE 111-1, 2 and 3) is a yearlong course that covers the first half of college level elementary Japanese. In Japanese I, students will build a solid foundation while developing the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students will also learn various aspects of Japanese culture and society through in-class activities, written assignments, and projects. Careful and thorough review and preparation for each class session is required.

Registration Requirements

Except for JAPANESE 111-1, students must pass the preceding course with C- or above, or must be placed into the course by the departmental placement test.

Learning Objectives

The goal of Japanese I is to bring students' overall Japanese proficiency to the Intermediate-Low level defined by the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency guidelines. Upon the satisfactory completion of the course, students will be able to greet, introduce themselves, describe their families and friends, and discuss their daily routines and experiences.

Teaching Method

This course is conducted mostly in Japanese, and class hours are spent mainly on oral proficiency development. Written assignments are given for reading and writing proficiency development. 

Evaluation Method

Class participation and performance; assignments; quizzes; oral, listening, and written examinations.

Class Materials (Required)

Oka, M. et al. (2021). TOBIRA 1: Beginning Japanese. Tokyo: Kuroshio Publishers. ISBN 978-4-87424-870-6.

Class Materials (Suggested)

Endo-Hudson, M (1994). English Grammar for Students of Japanese. Ann Arbor: The Olivia and Hill Press. ISBN: 0-934034-16-8; Makino, S. & Tsutsui M. (1989). Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. Tokyo: The Japan Times. ISBN 4-7890-0454-6; Kodansha (2012). Kodansha's Essential Kanji Dictionary. Tokyo: Kodansha. ISBN: 978-1568363974.

Class Attributes

Prerequisites apply, see description

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Students must have passed Japanese 111-2 with at least a C- or be placed in according to placement test results. Prerequisite: Students must have passed Japanese 111-2 with at least a C- or be placed in according to placement test results.