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Global Bioethics (302-0-20)


Sarah B Rodriguez
1800 Sherman Ave Suite 1-200, Evanston

Meeting Info

University Hall 122: Tues, Thurs 12:30PM - 1:50PM

Overview of class

Global health is a popular field of work and study for Americans, with an increasing number of medical trainees and practitioners, as well as people without medical training, going abroad to volunteer in areas where there are few health care practitioners or resources. In addition, college undergraduates, as well as medical trainees and practitioners, are going abroad in increasing numbers to conduct research in areas with few healthcare resources. But all of these endeavors, though often entered into with the best of intentions, are beset with ethical questions, concerns, and dilemmas, and can have unintended, and negative, consequences. In this course, students will explore and consider these ethical challenges. In so doing, students will examine core global bioethical concerns - such as structural violence - and core global bioethical codes, values, and principals - such as beneficence and solidarity - so they will be able to ethically assess global health practices in a way that places an emphasis on the central goal of global health: reducing health inequities and inequalities.

Fulfills Area V (Ethics and Values) distribution requirement

Class Materials (Required)

All course materials will be accessible on Canvas.

Class Attributes

Ethics & Values Distro Area
No Freshmen