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Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (435-0-02)


Chemistry of Alternate Energy


Joseph T Hupp

Meeting Info

Technological Institute L251: Tues, Thurs 11:00AM - 12:20PM

Overview of class

Chemistry of Alternate Energy: The course will cover fundamental aspects of light-to-electrical energy conversion, light-to-chemical energy conversion, molecular hydrogen as a potentially renewable fuel source, carbon dioxide capture and transformation, and related concepts, chiefly from a chemistry and materials perspective. Emphasis will be placed on promising emerging science and technology, including that associated with organic photovoltaics, solid-state dye cells, and photo-catalytic and electro-catalytic materials for water splitting. Depending on interest, other topics such as thermoelectrics, thermal-solar water splitting, biofuels, or redox flow batteries and other electrical energy storage technologies may be discussed. The course will be taught at the beginning-graduate-student/upper-level-undergraduate-student level.

Class Materials (Required)

Materials will be provided by the instructor.