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Topics in Anthropology (490-0-27)


J Michelle Molina
847 4612620
Crowe Hall, 4-142

Meeting Info

Crowe 4-130 Rel Studies Sem Rm: Tues 3:00PM - 5:30PM

Overview of class

Sovereignty and Space in Colonial and Migratory Contexts:

In this seminar, our readings will first delve into "religion" as key to colonial place-making, referring simultaneously to top-down imposition and quotidian habituation. This historical-ethnographic frame becomes crucial to how we will approach readings about competing modes of sovereignty in colonial contexts. In the second part of the course, attention to sovereignty, space, place, and temporality shifts when we "unroot" and follow migrants and refugees. How, then, are we to think about time, temporary place-making, and the relatively unstudied way that "religion" is itself stabilizing and destabilizing for migrants/refugees?"

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Reserved for graduate students or permission only.