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Topics In Anthropology (390-0-31)


Monuments and Memory


Anoush Tamar Suni
Anoush Tamar Suni is the 2020-2023 Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University. She is currently working on her book project, which investigates questions of memory and the material legacies of state violence in the region of Van in southeastern Turkey with a focus on the historic Armenian and contemporary Kurdish communities. Her research interests include state and intercommunal violence, memory, materiality and landscape, cultural heritage, space and place, and political and historical anthropology in Turkey, Armenia, Kurdistan, and the broader Middle East.

Meeting Info

University Hall 412: Fri 2:00PM - 4:50PM

Overview of class

How do histories of violence shape the present and the material world? How are histories remembered, memorialized, erased, or forgotten? This class will explore histories of violence and ask how these pasts are remembered and contested today. The course will engage questions of violence, memory, and monuments. We will examine case studies from the US, the MENA region, and elsewhere, with a focus on Turkey and the ongoing legacies of violence against minority communities and spaces.

Registration Requirements

Upperclassmen only. Freshmen need permission of the instructor

Evaluation Method

Attendance, Active Participation, Reading Responses, Written Assignments, Final Project, Presentation

Class Materials (Required)

Cetin, Fethiye. 2012. My Grandmother: An Armenian-Turkish Memoir. Translated by Maureen Freely. London: Verso. All other readings will be available on the course Canvas website in PDF format.

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Reserved for Juniors & Seniors