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Topics in Anthropology (290-0-22)


Morocco in Film


Katherine Elizabeth Hoffman
1810 Hinman Ave., Room #206, EV Campus

Meeting Info

ANTHRO Sem Rm 104 - 1810 Hinmn: Thurs 2:00PM - 4:50PM

Overview of class

Morocco was the World Cup underdog recently, but the country is little-known to many in the Anglophone world. This course introduces students to everyday life in Morocco through feature and documentary film, with an emphasis on Moroccan filmmakers. The country's geographical location in Africa was emphasized during the World Cup, but it is more commonly considered an appendage of the Muslim Middle East. It is in the heart of Tamazgha (the Amazigh or ‘Berber' world) with a French colonial past and close linkages to Europe. Course readings draw from anthropology, literature, biography, popular culture, and film studies. Thematic foci include ethnic minorities and majorities, migration, gender, law, human rights, and religion. Students develop analytical skills, especially in regards to perspective and bias in both image production and audience reception. Evaluation will be based on weekly journaling, discussion of films, and synthesizing essays. Most films will be available streaming on Canvas.

Teaching Method

Lecture and discussion

Evaluation Method

Weekly journal entries, class participation, and one paper.

Class Materials (Required)

All readings and films available on Canvas

Class Notes

Combined with MENA 290