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Archaeological Survey Methods (324-0-1)


Mark William Hauser
1812 Hinman Ave., Room #205, EV Campus
Mark W. Hauser is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology. He was trained as an Anthropological Archaeologist and specializes in the material culture of the African Diaspora and social inequality in the Caribbean. His work pays special attention to understanding the everyday life and material world of enslaved laborers. He has worked in the Caribbean since 1992 and has participated on or run research projects in numerous islands. Hauser has published numerous scholarly articles and chapters on the archaeology of informal and unexpected economies; methodological considerations for understanding colonial landscapes and identity formation; and the centering of craft industries in Caribbean political economy.

Meeting Info

ANTHRO Sem Rm B07 - 1810 Hinmn: Wed, Fri 1:00PM - 2:20PM

Overview of class

This course will focus on how archaeologists conduct an archaeological survey and interpreting its results using the Evanston Campus of Northwestern as its field site. We will focus on how to collect on the ground data and to make maps using the newest GIS technologies. Students will receive practical training in archeological survey methods and techniques, landscape survey methodologies, mapping techniques and analysis. Specifically it will provide methods used in locating, recording, and mapping archaeological features, artifacts and sites. It will also provide a framework for modeling spatial relationships through computer-aided technologies such as GIS. Hands-on Archaeological Survey. This course will utilize a combination of seminar discussion and field and lab based practical training. Seminars will be organized around reading, class presentations, and critical discussions. We will engage in hands-on training with field surveying equipment and discuss strategies for conducting fieldwork tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible. Training sessions will be followed by hands-on research sessions that will put to use techniques students have learned.

Class Attributes

Historical Studies Distro Area

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Registration is reserved for students who have taken Anthropology 214 or have consent of the instructor.