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Talk as Social Action (361-0-1)


Katherine Elizabeth Hoffman
1810 Hinman Ave., Room #206, EV Campus

Meeting Info

ANTHRO Lab A56 - 1810 Hinmn: Wed 1:00PM - 3:50PM

Overview of class

Combined advanced undergraduate and graduate course. Run as a weekly workshop on methodology and discourse analysis, this course tackles the collection, transcription, and analysis of verbal data. We explore the ways in which conversation, narrative, and other verbal expressive genres can help us better understand cultural processes. Interaction is central to the course, and we are particularly attentive to the power dynamics between interlocutors, situational constraints and conventions, and political economies that condition everyday talk. Each student will collect audio recorded data, transcribe it, and become familiar with data collected by course peers. We use the class corpus in discussion and in written analyses. Each week's readings explore a different analytic approach, and we link microsocial and macrosocial processes to investigate ways in which the seemingly mundane everyday particulars are both reflective of and constitutive of broader meaning. The success of this course depends on student participation. Evaluation will be based on student transcript, in-class participation, and five papers analyzing the class corpus based on the paradigms presented in the readings.

Registration Requirements

Registration by instructor permission.

Class Materials (Required)

Please note no laptops or tablets in class.

Cameron, D. 2001. Working with Spoken Discourse. London: Sage.
ISBN10 0761957731

Jaworski, A. and N. Coupland, eds. 2014. The Discourse Reader. 3rd edition. NY: Routledge.
ISBN-10: 0415629497
ISBN-13: 9780415629492

One ethnography TBA
Course packet at Quartet

Class Notes

Instructor consent required. No P/N.

Class Attributes

Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area