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201-0 Introduction to Materials

301-0 Materials Science Principles

302-0 Introduction to Materials Laboratories

316-1 Microstructural Dynamics

332-0 Mechanical Behavior of Solids

336-0 Synthetic Design of New Materials

353-0 Bioelectronics

354-0 Bioelectronics Lab

360-0 Introduction to Electron Microscopy

382-0 Electrochemical Energy Materials and Devices

390-0 Materials Design

394-0 Honors Project in Materials Science

396-1 Senior Project in Materials Science and Engineering

396-2 Senior Project in Materials Science and Engineering

405-0 Physics of Solids

406-0 Mechanical Properties of Materials

432-0 Mechanics of Soft Matter

452-0 Selected Topics in the Solid State

461-0 Diffraction Methods in Material Science

466-0 Analytical Electron Microscopy

483-0 Electrochemistry for Energy Storage and Conversion

596-0 MS Thesis Research