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First-Year Seminar in Philosophy (109-6-22)


God and His Problems


Daniel Everett Ferguson

Meeting Info

Kresge 3438 Philosophy Sem. Rm: Tues, Thurs 9:30AM - 10:50AM

Overview of class

Does God exist? Supposing that He (or She, or They?) does, what must God be like? Can God be grasped or understood by the human mind? Can anything be truly omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent? Can such a God permit the evils we find in our world? Does such a God threaten freedom of the will? What is relationship between God and moral facts? Can personal religious experience serve as evidence for God? In this first-year seminar, we will tackle such questions by discussing classic and contemporary readings on these issues.

Class Materials (Required)

Class materials must be purchased.

Class Notes

No final assessment

Class Attributes

WCAS First-Year Seminar

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Reserved for First Year & Sophomore only