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Political Economics (335-0-20)


Bruno H Strulovici

Meeting Info

Technological Institute M152: Mon, Wed, Fri 2:00PM - 3:20PM

Overview of class

This course aims to provide a rigorous analysis of key aspects of collective decision making. The first part focuses on social choice theory, or how individual preferences are aggregated to form a collective preference and determine a collective decision. The second part of the course analyzes the link between politician motivations and policy outcomes. In the last part of the course, the formal framework developed in early parts is applied to major policy issues: redistribution, pensions, and regional transfers.

Registration Requirements

ECON 281-0, ECON 310-1, ECON 310-2

Class Materials (Required)

Class Materials (Required) Analyzing Politics, Rationality, Behavior and Institutions by K.A. Shepsle and M.S. Bonchek, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 978-0393935073)

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Pre-requisite: Students must have taken ECON 310-1 or MMSS 211-1 and ECON 281 or ECON 381-1 or MATH 386-1 or IEMS 304 or STAT 350 to successfully enroll in this course.