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Economic Development in Africa (327-0-20)


Christopher R Udry

Meeting Info

Technological Institute L221: Mon, Wed, Fri 9:30AM - 10:50AM

Overview of class

This course will examine the central issues of development economics with a geographical focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Our methodological approach will be to use primary data and rigorous empirical methods to examine patterns of economic activity and to evaluate the effectiveness of development policies and programs. The class will be organized around weekly presentations of student research on 8 key questions of development in Africa. This year, the focus of our work will be on Nigeria.

Registration Requirements

ECON 281-0, ECON 310-1, ECON 310-2

Teaching Method

Two 80 minute seminars per week. Each week, you will be paired (randomly) with two other students. Using primary data provided to you, every week each trio will investigate a specific question (e.g., what is the relationship between child health and poverty in Nigeria?) and write a short report of your results. In addition to the report, each trio will submit a 3-10 slide presentation deck in case you are called upon to present your results. In typical weeks: Monday will be devoted partly to student presentations of the previous week's findings, and partly to an introduction of the next assignment. Wednesday will begin with a discussion of the reading for the week, and then you will begin work with your partners on the current assignment.

Class Materials (Required)

The data analysis will require the use of Stata.

Class Attributes

SDG Reduced Inequality
SDG Sustnble Cities&Commnities
SDG Responsible Consumption
SDG Good Health and Well-being
SDG Quality Education
SDG Gender Equality
SDG Clean Water and Sanitation
SDG Decent Work & Economic Growth

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Pre-requisite: Students must have taken ECON 310-1 or MMSS 211-1 and ECON 281 or ECON 381-1 or MATH 386-1 or IEMS 304 or STAT 350 to successfully enroll in this course.