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Interdisciplinary Product Design Projects I (384-1-21)


John A Lake

John Christopher Anderson
Ford G-309
Office Hours: By appointment

Meeting Info

Ford Eng Design Cntr G-205: Tues, Thurs 3:30PM - 5:20PM

Overview of class

DSGN 384 Interdisciplinary Product Design Projects is a learn-by-doing class where you will work in a team on a client-based project for two quarters. It is intended for anyone looking for a job where you will be part of a team that designs physical things that have some technical complexity and will be used by people (and sometimes animals). The projects require a mix of skill sets from within and outside of engineering, and more importantly, a well-integrated team where everyone brings expertise from your own field of study to build on and share. These projects can become significant pieces in your portfolio, allowing you to demonstrate how you apply your discipline in the context of design, how you tackle a complex problem, how you work on an interdisciplinary team, and how you communicate professionally across diverse audiences and for different purposes. Enrollment is restricted to junior and senior level, and instructor consent is required. Students must have completed either DSGN 106-1 or DSGN 208, and it is recommended that you have completed at least two design projects.

Registration Requirements

DSGN 106-1,2 or DSGN 208 Enrollment is restricted to junior- and senior-level students. Instructor consent is required.

Class Materials (Required)

There are two required text books for this course, listed below. Reading assignments from each are due on the second class session, so please be sure to have the texts at the beginning of class. There will be one set of books on reserve in the Main Library. We also have a few sets available for students to borrow for the duration of the course if purchasing the books is difficult for you.

1) Product Design and Development (5th or 6th edition) by Steven Eppinger and Karl Ulrich

ISBN 978-0073404776

Available through Norris Bookstore

2) Business Communication: Polishing Your Professional Presence (4th or 3rd edition)* by Barbara Shwom and Lisa Gueldenzoph Snyder

ISBN-13: 978-0134740225 (or 978-0134740850 for student value version)

Available through Norris Bookstore

Also available through Coursesmart (wait until first day of class to start 180 day ebook rental)

*Please note - you do NOT need the MyBCommLab addition.

These books will be used for both DSGN 384-1 and 384-2 and there will be no additional books needed for the second quarter. We strongly encourage you to get the hard copies of the books as they will be valuable resources even after you graduate and begin working. This is especially true if you expect to be going into the field of product development or if you plan to manage projects. In addition, the Product Design and Development book is the same text that is used in DSGN 308 and ME 398, though with a different emphasis in each class.

Class Attributes

SDG Innovation & Infrastructure

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Pre-Requisite: Students must have taken DSGN 106-1,2 or DSGN 208 to register for this course.
Add Consent: Instructor Consent Required