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Design Thinking and Communication (106-1-03)


Jeanine M Casler

Chamille Joanne Lescott

Meeting Info

Ford Eng Design Cntr G-211: Tues, Thurs 11:00AM - 12:20PM

Overview of class

Design Thinking and Communication (DTC) is Segal's two-quarter, foundational design course, serving students from all engineering majors.

In DTC's first quarter, most projects involve solving problems for people with special needs, such as rehabilitation. In the second quarter, projects address a variety of problems like healthcare, industry, and education.

DTC is team-taught by faculty from McCormick and Northwestern's Writing Program. The course is listed under Design and English; as you study design, you also fulfill McCormick's writing requirement.

Class Materials (Required)

GRAPHICS CONCEPTS by Richard Lueptow
ISBN: 9780132229876
Edition 2ND 07

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Co-Requisite: Students must also register for English 106-1 03. Add both classes to the shopping cart and submit together for successful registration.