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Presenting Ideas & Data (345-0-1)


Steven Franconeri
2029 Sheridan Road
Office Hours: By Appointment

Meeting Info

Technological Institute M345: Thurs 5:00PM - 7:50PM

Overview of class

Brains can be surprisingly limited in how much they can process and store at once. But presenters, explainers, and writers too often surpass these limits. This class will survey techniques for presenting ideas and data in a manner that is engaging, clear, and memorable. The techniques will be grounded in an understanding of cognitive psychology - why our brains are limited in perceiving, learning, and storing information - as well as research in data visualization, and principles of graphic design.

Evaluation Method

Course grading will be based on projects, quizzes on readings, class attendance & participation, and peer critiques.

Class Attributes

Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area