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Advanced Seminar in Personality, Clinical, or Social Psychology (390-0-1)


Scientific Controversies in Social Psychology


Galen V Bodenhausen

Meeting Info

Annenberg Hall G30: Mon, Wed 2:00PM - 3:20PM

Overview of class

This is an advanced social psychology course designed to examine a variety of controversial topics in social psychology. Topics to be addressed include: Is there really such a thing as unconscious racism? Are stereotypes accurate? Does high self-esteem cause a variety of social problems? Are positive illusions about oneself beneficial or harmful? Is subliminal persuasion real? Are video games harmful to individuals and to society? Is parapsychology at all legitimate? Exploration of questions like these will form the basis for our class meetings.

Registration Requirements

Prerequisite: Students must complete Psych 205-0 before taking this course.

Teaching Method

Lecture, discussion, debate.

Evaluation Method

Students will be evaluated on the basis of analytic reading assignments (students must analyze and comment on two research articles for every class meeting) and a longer term paper, as well as on the basis of brief presentations and participation in class discussions and debates. There are no exams.

Class Materials (Required)

There will be a variety of reading assignments from the primary research literature. Assigned readings will be made available via the course website. There is no required textbook.

Class Attributes

Prerequisites apply, see description

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Students must complete Psych 205-0 before taking this course.