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Psychology and Law (340-0-1)


Sara Cantonia Broaders
Swift 243, 2029 Sheridan Road

Meeting Info

Swift Hall 210: Thurs 3:30PM - 6:20PM

Overview of class

This course will examine the complex issues involved in applying the science of psychology to the field of law. Among the topics we will cover:

-How psychological research can apply to policies and practices in the legal system

-Expert testimony

-Methods, uses, and limitations of forensic assessment

-Determination of legal competence

-The insanity defense

-Syndromes (Battered Women's Syndrome/Rape Trauma Syndrome) in the legal arena

-Criminal profiling types, methods, and limitations

-Eyewitness testimony and other memory issues

-Interrogation and confessions

-Jury selection and decision making

-Prisons and death penalty

Registration Requirements

Prerequisite: Psychology 110

Teaching Method

Primarily discussion supplemented with videos/documentaries and some brief lectures. This is a reading-intensive course

Evaluation Method

Quizzes; Weekly critical thought papers; A final project/paper; Class participation

Class Materials (Required)

1. Costanzo, M., & Krauss, D. (2018). Forensic and legal psychology: Psychological science applied to law, 3rd edition. New York: Worth Publishers. ISBN: 9781319060312. (The second edition of the textbook is also acceptable.)

2. Ewing, C.P., & McCann, J.T. (2006). Minds on trial: Great cases in law and psychology. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780195181760

3. The class will also use a variety of reading materials from other sources, which will be available on the Canvas course management system.

Class Attributes

Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area