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Psychopathology (303-0-20)


Renee Suzanne Engeln

Meeting Info

Annenberg Hall G15: Mon, Wed 3:30PM - 4:50PM

Overview of class

This course will provide an introduction to the major categories of psychological disorders and related research findings. Goals/topics include encouraging critical evaluation of the DSM system of classification; exploring theories about the causes of mental disorders and how these theories have changed throughout recent history; considering ethical and social issues involved in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders; developing critical thinking skills through the study of several controversial issues in abnormal psychology; and emphasizing the human face of psychological distress through case studies, readings, and videos.

Registration Requirements

Psych 110

Teaching Method

The dominant teaching method for this course will be lecture, although discussion is also welcome. Grades will be based on three exams and three short response papers.

Class Materials (Required)

Hooley, J.M., Nock, M., & Butcher, J.N. (2020). Abnormal Psychology (18th ed.). Pearson.
ISBN: 9780135190968
*Other assigned readings are available on the course website at no charge.

The most inexpensive way to obtain the book is to buy it directly from the publisher as an e-book for about $40. (The NU bookstore charges an additional $20.00.)

Other assigned readings will be available at no charge on the course website.

Class Notes

Psych 110

Class Attributes

Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area