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Cognitive Psychology (228-0-20)


Sara Cantonia Broaders
Swift 243, 2029 Sheridan Road

Meeting Info

Swift Hall 107: Tues, Thurs 11:00AM - 12:20PM

Overview of class

This course is an introduction to cognitive psychology, covering topics such as perception, attention, memory, concepts and knowledge, mental representation, language, reasoning, judgment, and decision-making. Classes will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and discussion. Students will be required to think critically about the assumptions and methods underlying research on class topics.

Registration Requirements

Prerequisite: Psychology 110

Teaching Method

Lecture, in-class demonstrations, and some discussion

Evaluation Method

Grades will be based on practice quizzes, exams, and several short papers.

Class Materials (Required)

Reisberg, D. (2022). Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind, 8th edition. New York: W.W.Norton. ISBN: 978-0-393-87760-1. [Note, the 6th or 7th edition of the textbook is also acceptable.]

Brown, P.C., Roediger, H.L. III., & McDaniel, M.A. (2014). Make it stick: The science of successful learning. Harvard University Press. ISBN: 978-0-674-72901-8

Class Attributes

Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area