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101-6 First-Year Seminar

210-0 Introduction to Empirical Methods in Political Science

220-0 American Government and Politics

240-0 Introduction to International Relations

250-0 Introduction to Comparative Politics

301-0 Classical Political Theory

330-0 U.S. Refugee Policy & Localities

340-0 International Relations Theory

341-0 International Political Economy

344-0 U.S. Foreign Policy

345-0 National Security

347-0 Ethics in International Relations

356-0 Constitutional Challenges in Comparative Perspective

361-0 Democratic Transitions

374-0 Politics of Capitalism

384-0 International Responses to Mass Atrocities

390-0 Special Topics in Political Science

394-LK Professional Linkage Seminar

395-0 Political Research Seminar

398-1 Senior Thesis Seminar

403-0 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

410-0 American Politics Field Seminar

441-0 International Political Economy

450-0 Contemporary Theory and Research in Comparative Politics

451-0 Comparative Political Economy of Developing Countries

461-0 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought

490-0 Special Topics in Political Science

519-0 Responsible Conduct of Research Training