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Developmental Neurobiology (304-0-20)


Thomas C Bozza
Pancoe 2-119

Meeting Info

Pancoe Building Abbott Aud: Mon, Wed, Fri 9:00AM - 9:50AM

Overview of class

Nervous system function requires the generation of a vast number of neuron types and the elaboration of complex interconnections among them. This course will cover the embryological organization and cellular/molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal development. This includes neuroembryology, generation and differentiation of neurons and glia, axon guidance, experience-dependent development and plasticity, human brain development, and sex differences in development and behavior. Diseases resulting from failures of these processes will be discussed. This course will also introduce research methods and technology, and encourage students to develop skills to appreciate historical context and logical rationale of contemporary research.

Registration Requirements

Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215-0 or BIOL_SCI 201-0; and one of the following: NEUROSCI 202-0 or NEUROSCI 311-0 or BIOL_SCI 302-0. May not receive credit for both BIOL_SCI 215-0 and BIOL_SCI 201-0.

Teaching Method

The course is taught with combination of lectures, laboratory observations/exercises and a writing assignment.

Evaluation Method

Students are required to read relevant chapters in the textbook and assigned papers of contemporary research. Evaluation will be via a midterm, lab exercises, a final exam, and a research paper that is based on evaluation of the primary scientific literature. The final grade will be determined by performance from midterm (25%), research paper (25%), lab exercises (10%) and final exam (40%).

Class Materials (Required)

Foundations of Neural Development, 1st Edition (S. Marc Breedlove) ISBN-13: 978-1605355795 ISBN-10: 16505355798 cost from $55.61 on Amazon. Rental available on Amazon starting at $19.82

Class Materials (Suggested)


Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: Students must have completed BIOL_SCI 215-0 or BIOL_SCI 201-0: and NEUROSCI 202-0 or NEUROSCI 311-0 or BIOL_SCI 302-0.