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Law and Society (206-0-20)


Nicolette Isabel Bruner

Meeting Info

Harris Hall 107: Tues, Thurs 9:30AM - 10:50AM

Overview of class

Legal St 206 "Law & Society" Prof. Nicolette Bruner
Law is everywhere. Law permits, prohibits, enables, legitimates, protects, and prosecutes. Law shapes our day-to-day lives in countless ways. This course examines the connections and relationships of law and society using an interdisciplinary social science approach. As one of the founders of the Law and Society movement observed, "law is too important to leave to lawyers." Accordingly, this course will borrow from several theoretical, disciplinary, and interdisciplinary perspectives (such as sociology, history, anthropology, political science, critical studies, and psychology) in order to explore the sociology of law and law's role primarily in the American context (but with some attention to international law and global human rights efforts). The thematic topics to be discussed include law and social control; law's role in social change; and law's capacity to reach into complex social relations and intervene in existing normative institutions and organizational structures.

Cross-listed with Sociology 206-0

Class Materials (Required)

Invitation to Law and Society: An Introduction to the Study of Real Law (Second Edition) by Kitty Calavita, ISBN: 9780226296616
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Class Attributes

Social & Behavioral Sciences Distro Area

Associated Classes

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