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Memory, Mourning, and Protest, Topics in Latina and Latino Text and Representation (393-0-1)


Elvia Mendoza
Crowe Hall, Room 1144

Meeting Info

Parkes Hall 214: Wed, 2:00PM - 4:50PM

Overview of class

In this class we critically explore the interconnections between memory and mourning and the ways they inform acts of protest. Moving away from authoritative narratives that medicalize or pathologize mourning, we will engage with the work of scholars/activists/artists who conceptualize mourning as a foundation for dissent. We will draw from different forms of texts ranging from film to novels, and from photography to performance as critical art forms to understand the complexities of how memory and mourning are embodied and expressed, and how they shape individual and collective forms of protest and refusal in confronting enduring colonial legacies of violence.

Class Materials (Required)

No materials needed.

Class Attributes

Literature & Fine Arts Distro Area