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101-6 First-Year Seminar--European History

102-6 First-Year Seminar--American History

103-6 First-Year Seminar--Non-Western History

200-0 New Introductory Courses in History

201-2 Europe in the Modern World

210-1 History of the United States, Precolonial to the Civil War

250-1 Global History: Early Modern to Modern Transition

261-0 Sex after Shakespeare

275-1 History of Early Modern Science and Medicine

292-0 Introduction to Topics in History

300-0 New Lectures in History

309-0 American Environmental History

318-1 Legal and Constitutional History of the United States: Colonial Period to 1850

333-0 The Age of the Renaissance

345-3 History of Russia, 1917-Present

379-0 Biomedicine and World History

381-1 Modern China: The Transition to Modern Times, 1600-1912

393-0 Approaches to History

395-0 Research Seminar

398-1 Thesis Seminar

405-0 Seminar in Historical Analysis

410-1 General Field Seminar in American History

420-1 Field Seminar in Latin American History (Early Modern/Colonial)

490-0 Independent Reading

491-0 TA Assistantship

492-0 Topics in History

580-2 Directed Research in History

585-0 Dissertation Topics