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Earth System History (203-0-01)


Matthew T Hurtgen
Tech F392
Office Hours: By appointment

Meeting Info

Tech Institute Lecture Room 2: Mon, Wed, Fri 12:00PM - 12:50PM

Overview of class

This course covers the evolution of the Earth's dynamic systems and its record through geologic time. Emphasis of this course is centered on the physical, chemical and biological components of the Earth system that interact to regulate Earth's surface environment and how these processes have changed through time.

Topics include the systems approach to Earth science, the co evolution of life and Earth's surface environment, the carbon cycle and its relationship to climate, Snowball Earth events, and mass extinctions.

Registration Requirements


Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the fundamental components of the Earth system—the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and solid Earth—and examine how these components have interacted to regulate Earth's surface environment through geologic time.

Teaching Method

Three 50 minutes lectures per week.

Evaluation Method

Testing consists of three exams.

Class Materials (Required)

Readings will be posted on Canvas.

Class Attributes

Natural Sciences Distro Area