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Sports Reporting Seminar (405-0-20)


J. A. Adande

Meeting Info

Meets in Non-General PurposeRm: Tues 1:00PM - 3:50PM

Overview of class

This course is will not "stick to sports" nor expect athletes to "shut up and dribble". When team owners and local politicians battle over millions of dollars in public funding, and cultural movements play out within the realm of sports and now with a president who uses sports-related issues to sow division to the point that even the traditional champions' visit to the White House has become a point of contention, sports reporters would be negligent if they limited their coverage to inside the stadiums. The course will examine the intersection of sports and social/political agendas, the #MeToo movement, awareness of brain damage risk, use of public funding for stadiums and the way media coverage can advance or derail these conversations.

Class Materials (Required)


Class Attributes

Attendance at 1st class mandatory