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Introduction to Photojournalism (378-0-20)


Brent E Huffman

Meeting Info

McCormick Foundation Ctr 2107: Tues 10:00AM - 12:50PM

Overview of class

This class will provide students with an introduction to digital photography with an emphasis on photojournalism. This class will introduce students to the art of photographic journalistic storytelling using the Canon 80D DSLR cameras. Emphasis will be put on using images to portray human stories - ones that surprise, break stereotypes, and capture emotion in dramatic and intimate situations. This class will also focus on basic picture editing and how proper picture selection enhances the total journalistic package. Students will gain an understanding of the ethical responsibility and social value of being a photojournalist. A significant portion of the class will be used for critiques, discussions, and editing. By the end of the quarter, students should be proficient at using the Medill camera (80D) and all the tools needed to produce powerful images.

Registration Requirements

Sophomore standing

Class Materials (Required)

Photojournalism, Sixth Edition: The Professionals' Approach (Paperback)by Kenneth Kobre (Author) $7-15 used on Amazon.

Class Attributes

Attendance at 1st class mandatory
No Freshmen
SDG Peace & Justice

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements: Reserved for Medill Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors