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Keyboard Skills 7 (327-1-1)


Karen Chih-Pah Kan-Walsh
Ryan Center for the Musical Arts, Evanston, IL 60208
Office Hours: By appointment

Meeting Info

RCMA 4-136 Keyboard Lab: Mon, Wed 9:00AM - 9:50AM

Overview of class

The Levels 7, 8, 9 course sequence is required for but not limited to Choral Music Education majors. Level 7 course materials focus on vocal scores, in accessible keys, in the SATB format. Students will develop strategies for learning a score "as is" in addition to individual methods of reducing the texture. Students will sight read literature with varying amounts of preparation (2 minutes, 1 day, or several days). These experiences will serve to identify areas that require concrete, practical strategies to strengthen weak skills that will eventually become important resources in the student's development of their vocal- and choral-pedagogical identity. Technical work will build on previous piano experience with an emphasis on healthful, fluent playing. The Mini-Recital near the end of the quarter brings class members together in an informal sharing of solo piano repertoire which has been studied and coached for the entire quarter.

Class Materials (Required)

Choral Music: A Norton Historical Anthology edited by Ray Robinson (Norton Publishers) ISBN: 978-0-393-09062-8.

Available at Beck's Books