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Turkish I(111-3-20)


Oya Topcuoglu
Crowe 4-121
Oya Top?uo?lu holds a PhD from the University of Chicago in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Her teaching covers a range of subjects including modern Turkish language and culture, history of Turkish food culture and cuisine, and history and archaeology of the Middle East. Trained as an archaeologist, she studies political uses of the past and its role in the formation of national identities in the modern Middle East, history of museums and archaeology in Turkey, and the illegal antiquities trade in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria.

Meeting Info

Online: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, 11:00AM - 11:50AM

Overview of class

First-year Turkish (Turkish 111) is a three-quarter introductory course in modern Turkish. This course aims to introduce students to the essential points of modern Turkish grammar and vocabulary to develop basic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The course also provides insights into modern Turkish culture through the language. With this in mind, the textbook is supplemented by additional printed and audio-visual materials provided by the instructor.
Turkish 111-3, taught in the Spring Quarter, is the third and final quarter of first-year Turkish. The course builds on material learned in the first two quarters by introducing additional grammar and fundamental sentence structures, by presenting new vocabulary, and by providing students ample opportunities to practice and expand all skills. We will continue to use texts and audio centered around topics in Elementary Turkish I and II as well as work with additional printed audio and video material provided by the instructor. The course covers Unites 16-19 Elementary Turkish II.

Registration Requirements

Turkish 111-2 or equivalent, or instructor's consent.

Learning Objectives

Students completing three quarters of Turkish 111 will be able to read and comprehend simple, authentic texts on familiar topics, write informal notes and short paragraphs on topics connected to daily life, and to initiate and sustain conversations on daily-life topics with educated native speakers.

Teaching Method

First-year Turkish uses a communicative, proficiency-oriented approach with fully integrated audiovisual media to teach modern Turkish as a living language. The instructor will use an interactive approach in the classroom, including reading, translations, listening and conversational practice as interactive small group exercises.

Evaluation Method

The final grade for the course will be based on the following criteria:
- Active class participation and attendance;
- Homework completion;
- Three short exams;
- One final project.

Class Materials (Required)

Elementary Turkish: A Complete Course for Beginners. Revised Third Edition (2015). Kurtulu? ?ztop?u. Kebike?-Yay?nlar? Sanat Kitabevi. ISBN: 978-975-7981-40-4.
The two-volume textbook can be purchased online at Additional materials will be provided by the instructor.

Class Notes

Full attendance and active class participation are strongly encouraged for the successful completion of the course. In addition to regular participation in class activities, it is important to complete all your homework on time.

Class Attributes

Synchronous:Class meets remotely at scheduled time