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Ethical Problems and Public Issues(262-0-20)


Lendell Chad Horne

Meeting Info

Online: Tues, Thurs, 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Overview of class

A study of ethical problems arising in public policy, as well as philosophical approaches to addressing these problems. Topics to be discussed include criminal punishment, immigration, climate change, and pandemic ethics.

Learning Objectives

(1) Students will gain understanding of moral issues that arise in public policy contexts as well as a facility with major philosophical frameworks for addressing these issues. (2) Students will develop proficiency in recognizing, reconstructing, and critically evaluating moral and political arguments.

Evaluation Method

Paper, Presentation, Final Exam, Participation in Section

Class Materials (Required)

Mark Timmons, Disputed Moral Issues, 5th ed., Oxford UP 2019, ISBN 978-0190930523. Students should be advised that the 4th edition of the Timmons textbook is also acceptable if cost is an issue.

Class Notes

Final Exam - Take Home

Class Attributes

Ethics & Values Distro Area
Synchronous:Class meets remotely at scheduled time