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400-DL Math For Data Scientists

401-DL Applied Statistics with R

402-DL Introduction to Data Science

403-DL Data Science in Practice

410-DL Supervised Learning Methods

411-DL Unsupervised Learning Methods

420-DL Database Systems and Data Preparation

422-DL Practical Machine Learning

430-DL Python for Data Analysis

432-DL Foundations for Data Engineering

434-DL Analytics Application Engineering

436-DL Analytics Systems Engineering

442-DL Real-Time Stream Processing and Analytics

450-DL Marketing Analytics

451-DL Financial Machine Learning

453-DL Natural Language Processing

454-DL Applied Probability and Simulation Modeling

455-DL Data Visualization

457-DL Sports Management Analytics

458-DL Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

459-DL Knowledge Engineering

460-DL Decision Analytics

462-DL Computer Vision

474-DL Accounting and Finance for Analytics Managers

475-DL Project Management

480-DL Business Leadership and Communications

485-DL Data Governance, Ethics, and Law

498-DL Capstone Class

590-DL Thesis Research