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Human Origins (213-0-01)


Erin Beth Waxenbaum Dennison
1810 Hinman Ave., Room #A54A, EV Campus
Waxenbaum is a physical anthropologist and skeletal biologist specializing in human evolutionary biology, variation as well as human growth and development. She is also trained as a forensic anthropologist and currently serves as the Forensic Anthropologist for Cook, DuPage, McHenry and Champaign Counties.

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Overview of class

Anthropology is a holistic analysis of the human condition. The study of human origins, or paleoanthropology, is a sub-field of physical anthropology that focuses on the biological history of the human species including their evolution, emergence and radiation. We will explore the scientific method and how theories like evolution have come about and expanded over time. We will learn about our closest living relatives - primates - and how an appreciation of their life history and behavior reflect the modern human condition. Many of the principles and concepts that comprise our understanding of how humans have evolved and adapted over time involve an appreciation of ecology, genetics, physiology, adaptation and cultural development that will also be explored. Lastly, we will look at modern human diversity and discuss how we are continuing to evolve today.

Registration Requirements

No prerequisites are required for this course

Evaluation Method

3 noncumulative exams (75%), discussion section labs write-ups (25%)

Class Materials (Required)

1337099821. Introduction to Physical Anthropology by Jurmain, Kilgore, Trevathan & Ciochon (2017; 15th Edition). Earlier editions have very different organization, missing content and are not recommended.

Class Attributes

Natural Sciences Distro Area
Asynchronous:Remote class-no scheduled mtg time

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