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Performers and Performance (215-0-2)


Drew Edward Davies

Meeting Info

Online: TBA

Overview of class

This core course focuses on what it means to be - or meant to be - a musician at different times of history and cultures, with a specific focus on our own performance lineages. It will explore different types of musical performances, the careers and obstacles faced by different performers throughout history, and look at the roles of specific performance spaces. Case studies presented during the class include the history of conductors, the history of Western classical music performance in East Asia and Asian musicians abroad, jazz pianists and singers, issues of gender and race in opera, Black musicians and crossing boundaries, and the history of bands, among others. By these means, music students will gain introductory literacy in diverse types of music and performance practices, learn about the legacies of specific musicians, and better understand intersections between creativity and commerce in diverse contexts, all grounded by the idea of performance. Among individual projects may be an investigation of the history of performance in each student's specific major, including their lineage of teachers and how contemporary students will become involved in different types of crossover projects than previous generations.

Learning Objectives

-Learn about diverse musicians, their legacies, and the circumstances of their performances in varied global contexts
-Conceive of music history through the lens of performers rather than through the composer or the work
-Develop a sense of how the concept of work differs from the concept of performance, and engage, where applicable, with notions of performance practices
-Develop music research skills and verbal communication skills about music
-Historicize and locate yourself within a complex world of musicians

Class Materials (Required)

Nor textbook purchase required.

Class Notes

In Winter 2021, this course will be offered remotely and asynchronously.

Class Attributes

Asynchronous:Remote class-no scheduled mtg time
Music Majors Only